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Lazy Internet Business Wizard Deji 'Billionairewizkid' Yusuf Swears Under Oath And Declares...

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''Report Me To EFCC If You Don't Make Big Money from this Christmas Blogging  Secret Before And After Christmas!''

        Who Else Want To Make Over =N=100,000 
      Before Chrismas,Over =N=6,000,000 Next Year?

If You are a Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur and You are SICK and TIERED of Wasting Your precious  Time Trying to make money online and doing ''Crapsense''(-opps! My Bad.... I mean Adsense!) You NEED to READ This To The End!

''I know of a friend who makes over =N=100,000 from this every week!''

Just imagine you make such amount in a week?

I also made =N=70,000 recently by building small website for guys in Alaba Market!

Hello My Good Friend,
 Are You sick and tired of spending a fortune on blogging and end up making peanuts as monthly income?

  1. Are you sick and tired of the digital slavery giving to you by google adsense?
  2. Are you ready to know a big and massive secret so so called gurruuuussss are jealously hiding from you?
  3. Do you want to know a big secret I personally use to make a fortune for myself?
  4. Do you want to know an ALMOST ILLEGAL but Extremely Legal secret of how to cash out big cash from blogging, without working as hard as your regular blogging friend?


If  all your answer is a resounding ''Yes'' This Letter Is For You!

Good day dear  friend,
my name is Deji Yusuf, a digital entrepreneur. I have been in the game for over 5 years now , and I know about how to run a profitable internet business very well and I'm very vast in that knowledge.

In is no news that most people know that their is a lot of profit to be made from the internet ,but the irony of it is that ,in Naija, to most budding entrepreneur ,the internet have cost more of confusion than profit!

I have a lot of friends who own blogs in Nigeria and lets face the fact ,they are very hardworking fellows, most of them monetize there blog with adsense. They hope that by putting adsense on the blog, they could be making a $1,500 or even a $10,000!But no!.....All adsense give them  is ...trickle of cents and small dollars. To me this is a total EXPLOITATION of our INTELLECTUAL ABILITY , a DIGITAL DISCRIMINATION  on the side of google and an act google should be ashamed of!
Nigerian bloggers work so hard...but
 at the end of the day they are paid CHICKEN CHANGE!!

Someone must stand up and say Enough Is Enough!!!!

Why will you build up a blog or website will high quality content on it, and drive traffic to it and at the end of the day you are paid some tiny dollars?

 It is so unfair of google, And I am sick of all sort of ''Google Ban My Account'',''I Have Not Make any Penney From Adsense!''...and all sort of crazy  Story from my dear friends online and online!

In the vain of earning more money our guys do all sort of things working harder, with sleepless Nights! But to no avail!
This is paiful and hurting!

 I am saying this because I know how it feel, I FEELthe PAIN, have been there , I have seen it, I have felt it , I have done it BUT not ANY MORE!

It Is Over With Me And Google Crap Sense!

Is  in this genuine anger ,I did a search for  what are the best alternative gigs a blogger can do.

 I discovered a big secret ,this secret is one of the stuffs that  have been making  me lots of cash online;

Building Simple (Blog) Sites For Business Owners On Cash And Carry Mode! so so darn  Simple! Chikena!

 This is just the magic pill any person with blogging experience dreams of.

With this easy  business you will be:




Okay Okay Okay! Let me give an hint on how it works;

Just imagine you build a simple  'website'( which in actual sense, it is built with wordpress) for 5 business owners before this Christmas for the price of =N=35,000, lets do some maths; =N=35,000 x 5=  =N=175,000 instantly. No Story,No ''Mago-Mago!'' No 'Wayyo-Wayyo!''
So easy.

Did I hear Someone say ''It is easier said than done?''- see let no one lie to you-This biz format is;
Very Easy!
Stress Free!
It Can Be Done!

Even In The Jungle!
Business Owners are addicted to anything that promises to BOOST THEIR PROFIT! ...and they don't mind spending their last marketing NAIRA on stuffs that could show them how to maximize their profit!
Only If you Are a  Cowardly fellow you can do this simple business.
A wordpress blog you built with just N4,000 can be built for another person for =N=40,000 and God should now bless you with the fact that you have a blog you are  running, that alone will qualify you as a 'pro' and make you client see you as one!

Seriously, Opening a wordpress Blog For Business  Owner Is Just Like Browsing On Facebook! So Easy And Fun To Do-In Short This Is the Most  Easiest Business To Do In Nigeria!

Business Owners will give you the money and even tell you ''thank you'' for collecting there money!
Because Nigeria in a country full of abundance of cash and most of this cash is in the hands of people who don't have website; Business owners who don't have functioning website of any kind.
 Thus, creating a BIG opportunity for you, Yes You!
You Who Can build a website for them and get rich!

Google adsense and all those crappy stuff like them have been taking outrageous advantage of Nigeria's highly inteligent youths.
You Are Intelligent!
You Are Smart!
You Got Guts!
Don't Be Fooled With ''Dollars'' ,it's Just A currency ,you can even make more Naira than the Little Dollars you are making.

But that will change today ONLY if you take action now!

My very good friend,

 I will show You how to bank over 100K before Christmas ,and continue to even make millions of Naira (YES That is Millions! Over =N= 4million)next year creating a simple website ,without html skill!

All you need is native intelligence and guts (and I am sure you got that!)

If you are ready to be the next new  millionaire in your family.

Make real money from your blogging skills ,be a rich person next year and shame all those Haters that have been laughing at you, then I got good news for you!


Blogging Cash Cow!;     ''How To Make Over 100k Before This Christmas and  even more cashflow even  after  Christmas and new year!''

This is a top secret  never before seen special report that exposes astonishing revelations on how  you can profitably earn over =N=100,000 every week without going through lots of stress and struggle by building an extremely  simple and easy  blog/websites for RICH business owners.

This Report Is even More Special Because it shows How You an Amazing Unbelievable way you Can Make Over =N=200k before Christmas! 

This special ''secret report'' is a straight to the point MEATY ebook with amazing contents which not only shows you what to do to boost you income   this season and in this business, this report laid out smart tactics of  how you can actually make a truck load of Naira before the Christmas and make you account spill them out to you like a damaged ATM machine, so you can spend it for Christmas!
The crazy thing about this report is that it will even show you how you can make even more for the new year!

See, I can assure you that this report will be an eye opener to you ,if you really wanna boost your income by 100%,this is for you!

Although this report is not for the pathetic skeptics and   the extremely lazy dudes. It can bring you cash flow if you follow all the instructions in it.

Although this short report is not for people who are so DULL...  It Can BRING YOU LOAD OF CASH FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU  ARE  AS  DULL  AS DEJO!

I am still affirming it that this short report will be a massive eye opener to anybody who know it's value!
It seems I'm talking too much.......Just check out some of the amazing insider secrets that was  revealed in this special report;

An Outrageous secret on how to Make A minimum of 70,000 and a maximum of over =N=200,000 before Christmas!

  • How To Tap in to  This 100 Billion Naira 'Virgin Niche'  of website creation and suck all the honey out of it before others know about this!
  • How To Make Them Pay You Over =N=40,000 to you and tell you ''thank you'' for collecting there hard earned money!

  • How To Start Up this Biz with little or no cash at hand!
  • Wordpress Power; How To Build A Highly Powerful simple   Wordpress site  and charge high commission for it, When you see this, you will be shock to death!
  • Newspaper Ninja!  The Never Before Seen Secret on How To Get cash on demand customers using old and daily newspaper as a tool powerful tool!
  • The hidden power of newspapers   Adverts, How You can Benefit From Them and How They Can Get You Big Time Jobs in this biz!
  • How You can make over =N=100,000 before Christmas this year.
  • How to make people pay you over =N=5,000 PASSIVE income   monthly to ,maintain  a very primitive site!
  • How to make them pay you all your money As Soon As Possible!

  • How To Get premium quality Wordpress theme all for free. I will also reveal where to get superior quality paid themes all most for free!
  • That one mistake you must not make so as not  to blow up and fail in this business.
  • Ninja Style Secret of how to make sure your blog design business does not hit the rock!
  • A Small But Mighty Advertising Secret That  Can Turn You In To A Millionaire I little or no Time!
  • Action Steps on how to start up a simple but cash generating blog designing small business today.
My ''Gun To The Head'' Marketing Tactic That Never Fails. Knowing this is like having the keys to Central Bank of Nigeria!
  • Why you might want to quit, and how to break that evil feeling and never quit!
  • Discover how to generate a lifetime profit with one simple skill!
  • How to make real money from the area you live!
And lots more that I cannot reveal here.........     

(ALL THE ABOVE LISTED INFORMATION MAKES IT WORTH OVER =N= 25,000! But chill.. read it to the will be shocked!!)

Honestly, getting this is the best investment you are going to make this year. There is no doubt about that When you lay your hands on this package, you have take a step to kiss your financial worries 'bye bye' I'm Sure you can wait to order this package!

But Wait!!

I'm Going To Bribe You Silly, You Will Think I'm Running mad!!!

If you order for this package right away I will send you these exclusive super
Bonuses Valued at over 50K!

*Exclusive Bonus; My exclusive expensive marketing consultancy service will be giving  to the first 17 people who will order this package,(the question is will you be part of them? So act fast);This means I will render free marketing advice to you any day any time via email , phone and Facebook and  other mediums. You see when it comes to digital marketing, I am an expert at it, I gathered this experience for over 5 years, So I know my onion. This bonus Worth; =N=75,000.


1.How I Made 9 Million Naira Selling Infomation Product Here In Nigeria And How You Too Can 

2.Desperate Buyers Only-Alexis Dawes

3.Domain fliping success

4.Copywritinig for Beginners

5.Small Report Profit By Jimmy D Brown

6.Internet Income Secret by Jimmy d Brown

7. Powerful Marketing Ebook  
and other powerful ebooks I can,t even reveal here!
 Actually, the special report; ''Blogging Christmas Cash Cow'' actual price worth over =N=25,000 FLAT.
And  the  total value of the bonuses listed above worth over =N=100,000.

oh! I forgot to add the price of of my consultancy service! that one worth= N=75,000!

Now Let's do a little math’s. Lets  add the actual  price and value of the Special report, the amazing bonuses that should give us a rough price of =N=200,000!
Now let me tell you first that this  ultimate total package worth over 200k.
But you know na...... I can't sell this package  for 200k, unless I'm absolutely MAD! And I am not.

I know you will be asking me; ''Mr Deji how much is this amazing package?''

Well my dear friend lets play a small game;

Let's play ''Can You Take A Guess?''

Just Guess How Much is it.....

=N=35,000? You Guess wrong!

=N= 30,000? Absolutely wrong.

=N= 25,000? ...Hell No!

Ok, ''Deji this package is  =N= 20,000 abi?'' Oga, you are still so so wrong!

=N=15,000? Heck No!

=N= 10,000? Very very wrong....try again lol.

''Okay it worth =N=7,500?''  Na Big  lie!

Okay let me end this guessing game!

It's Absolutely True That This package wroth over =N=200,000!
It is selling for =N=1,700

But pay this tiny amount of naira within 5 days from now, because as soon as the 30th person pays the =N= 1,700...Price shoots up to as high as =N= 7,500
So you got to pay for this package as soon as you finish reading this letter.
So there you go....all you need to know how to make an extra =N=100,000 plus is just a small token of =N=1,700!

How To Order This Amazing Package;

Pay the price of =N=1,700 only to any G.TBank.

1)Account Name; Adedeji Yusuf

2)Account Number; 011-9215-428

*(After Paying);
i) Simply Send the following Details/info to

-Title of email; "I Have Paid" (Please put Your Bank Teller Number as the Title/Subject of the email.)
 -Your Name.
- Your Phone Number.

* As Soon as you send the following information to
I will send the Special Christmas Report along with with the promised bonuses INSTANTLY (i.e within 20 mins after sending the payment details).

You see...when my friends discovered the price I'm selling this amazing package there was no name they never called me....some call me a ''stupid business man'', one of them called my a dumb guy, heck!, one even called me a fool!


Because Of the price of the report is ridiculously low!

Truly this ebook worth 25,000 because when you get it you can make an instant cash of 100k! 

 But you see...... it is because I  want serious minded people like you to have an opportunity to get their own copy of this special report that is why it is sold for just =N=1,700.

How Much Is =N=1,700?
=N=1,700 can't pay a full Blackberry B.I.S

=N=1,700 can't by me a Bespoke Hand Made shoe! It can't even be used to make a good Native Dress!

But Right Now; =N=1,700 can give you the secret of making =N=100,000!

It is just like I am collecting =N=1,700 to give you =N=200,000! How Crazy!!

Is That not insane?

But it will  be more insane if you don't pay just =N=1,700 to get this package.

If you have not yet made up you mind to get this package, then check yourself, and make up your mind  because this is the last time you will ever ever see me sell this package for this ridiculously low price!

As soon as the 50th person buys this Special Report The Price Sky Rocket to a price As High As =N=10,000 or even more!

So...I will advice you to go pay for your copy right away.

How To Order This Amazing Package;

Pay the price of =N=1,700 only to any G.TBank.

1)Account Name; Adedeji Yusuf

2)Account Number; 011-9215-428

*(After Paying);
i) Simply Send the following Details/info to

-Title of email; "I Have Paid" (Please put Your Bank Teller Number as the Title/Subject of the email.)
 -Your Name.
- Your Phone Number.

* As Soon as you send the following information to
I will send the Special Christmas Report along with with the promised bonuses INSTANTLY (i.e within 20 mins after sending the payment details).

This Package Is Covered With a
 ''No Super- Story ,No Cock and Bull Iron Clad, Take it to the Bank, No Beef No Risk ,100% Money Back Guarantee!''

Thus, if you are not satisfied with this product just call me, and I Will send you your money back  and even tell you thank you within 60 days!.

*So there you go. Pay just a token of =N=1700 to get hold of my secret of how you can build a simple wordpress website for business owners and cart away with a truck load of cash this Christmas and even next year!

* This Might actually be the last opportunity  for you to get hold of a secret  report  that will show you the REAL way you can employ and use in making the kind of money you ever dreamt of making.
* Although this seems like the ultimate  wonder let me tell you, there is no short cut to success but, I bet my leg on it that in this special report you will get amazing value for the price you paid for the product.
* This is not that kind of product that promise and never delivers. I Promise and I Deliver at the speed of light!

 Remember I Give You
A No Super- Story, No Cock and Bull, Iron Clad, Take it to the Bank, No Beef No Risk ,100% Money Back Guarantee!

Thus, if you are not satisfied with this product just call me ,and I Will send you your money back  and even tell you thank you within 60 days!.

How's That For Taking The Risk?
You no longer have an excuse for not making all the money you ever want.

* Don't Miss this opportunity for anything in the world. If You Miss it you might never get this kind of offer again.

* I Will Advice you to pay for this package today. If You can't, do so first thing tomorrow morning! why? Because, This offer might close very SOON.
Remember Place your order and let me show you a massive secret you have been missing!

Remember I Got Mouth Watering Bonuses on Offer! They are Rare Gems  ,Don't miss your opportunity to grab them as your own!
Also remember I said;
If   this thing  is a scam, If I don't deliver; Report Me To EFFCC!

* See You In The Bank!

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